I am Lobo, a young artist that loves to draw, paint, be creative or design digital art works. I want to share my art and creativity with people that are open minded or open for new perspectives of life. So I started the line 'Maheo' to give my and many other people's mindsets an image that is nice to wear and still holds a deeper message within. 

I create natural, spiritual and life influenced art. It can be just a decorative piece or something simple with a message within, but I always put my soul into all of my works. I just started this project and it already has become my passion, so high-quality pictures of our items will be available soon.


Besides my shop items I offer you individual works if you message me about it, since i think it's a nice feeling to have something unique made for you. If you have any questions about our shop, my art works or anything in general, always feel free to contact me.